A Meeting at the Station

"Psst... your grandmother is ill"

Denton goes on a date with Rose Price (the woman from Chiron). Immediately after the date Rose is accosted by a mugger who steals her handbag; Denton arrives in the nick of time to fend him off.
We then discover that Denton set the whole thing up; he pays off the mugger and keeps her bag.

The pack meet up back at their offices and discuss how they should approach the meeting.

Vellum sits by the bench as instructed in a telephone call, whilst the rest of the pack take up positions loitering around the station.
Lewis sits on the platform across the tracks reading a paper and checking his phone.
Denton and Summer pretend to be a rowing couple, who have a shouted argument as the meeting starts and then storm away from each other in a huff, giving them an excuse to position themselves either side of the mafia and Vellum.
The mafia boss (Vladimir Petrovitch) sits down with a couple of bodyguards on the bench next to vellum and initiates contact. He indicates that he believes Vellum to be in possession of the statue, and offers to exchange to scrolls for it.
Vellum bluffs admirably, proving cagey whilst subtly probing for more information. He discreetly casts a spell allowing him to plant a specially marked coin (essentially an arcane tracking device) on Petrovoitch’s right-hand thug.
At this point, Lewis spots a woman with a magical aura who appears to be watches the meeting intently, and who has one hand in a coat pocket, either sending a text message or performing the gesture of a spell.
A train pulls up to the platform, and Summer’s instincts cause her to glance at a group of passengers who disembark together. They have a determined expressions and a strange air about them, and they begin walking purposefully towards the meeting. Moments later, Denton and Lewis also stop a few more people also converging on Vellum’s position with a determined air.
Petrovitch grows suspicion of Vellum’s bluff, and thing start to look as though they are about to go badly wrong.
However, at that moment a gunshot rings out and on of the mafia henchmen jerks as a bullet finds his shoulder. As screams of panicked commuters fill the station, and pack swings into action.
Denton spots the gunman (who is only a short distance away from him) and body slams him, knocking the pistol out of his hand and causing it to clatter off the platform and under the train.
Vellum jumps backward away form the gunshot and casts life-shield. As he does so, a perceives the aura of the new attackers and recognises it from his past – these are cultists of the Winding Path.
Summer surges forward in a burst of speed and kicks the nearest cultist in the groin.
The mafia draw pistols and drop into firing stances as cultists rush towards them, but don’t react quickly enough to prevent them from stealing the briefcase that presumably contains the scrolls.
The cultist the Denton is grappling writhes impossibly in his grip, and Denton is left clutching empty air.
Lewis runs towards the gap in the trains holding his suitcase (which is similar to the one that the mafia bought), and catches Denton’s glance.
Vellum sidesteps as one cultist charges him with a knife, and slams the man into a bench. Somehow, the cultist’s limbs and features twist in midair allowing him to absorb the blow and bonce back. The cultist’s eyes widen in an expression of shocked recognition, and he hisses “Grey!…” before Vellum takes him down with a halberd blow.
Denton appears in from of the cultist fleeing with the briefcase and pepper-sprays him in the face (a flashback reveals that he acquired the spray earlier that day from Rose’s handbag).
Denton grabs the suitcase, parkours along the platform, at throws it to the waiting arms of Lewis.



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