An Eventful Trip Home

Car chases, watchers and demonic vampires

Following the events at the station, the pack leaves separately:

(please add/correct as necessary as I’m sure I haven’t covered everything)

On his way home, Denton passes the Velvet Gown nightclub and is suddenly overcome by a strong urge to go inside. The club is busy and the music is loud but his keen senses quickly pick Lila out of the crowd and he goes over to her. She seems pleased to see him and leads him to a side room where they can talk in private. They exchange information and blood. Denton learns that both Lila and Thomas Devian are part of a group plotting to overthrow Lucinda. Denton gives the impression that he wants to help and she shares more information.

After tailing Philip Travers’s car from the station, Vellum comes to a stop down a quiet alleyway. He gets out of his van, making doubly sure it’s locked before stepping carefully down the alley. As he reaches a shadowed doorway, he spots Philip lying in wait for him. However, he just wishes to talk. He tells Vellum he is part of an organisation called the Watchers (like hunters but less hands-on) whose goal is to learn all they can about the supernatural and hints that he has suspicions about what Vellum is. Vellum sees that Philip is being honest and decides to tell him about the Venatori, confirming some suspicions and refuting others. They both recognise that they have shared interests and agree to be allies rather than rivals.

Lewis is the first to arrive home and while waiting for the rest of the pack, decides to try interrogating the vampire currently imprisoned in Vellum’s lab. The lab door is locked but Lewis quickly finds the spare key and goes in. The vampire lies unmoving on a large wooden table in the centre of the room, secured by thick, leather straps. Nails have been hammered directly through his wrists and into the table and a wooden stake is sticking out of the vampire’s chest. Navigating carefully around the bookcases and strange apparatus to reach the table, Lewis draws his gun and aims it at the vampire with one hand while gripping the stake with the other. He gives a tug on the stake, not removing it completely, and the vampire begins to stir. Lewis gets a small amount of information from him but quickly replaces the stake when he notices the vampire trying to use some kind of blood magic. Preparing himself, Lewis removes the stake once again and tries to get the vampire to talk. The way he speaks suggests he belongs to a cult; he mentions serving a master and reveals that he is aware of the spirit within him, claiming that it is a demon that will make him stronger. The vampire suddenly turns even paler than before, indicating that he’s just invoked some powerful blood magic. Lewis shoots but is caught off guard by the vampire’s speed and he breaks out of his bonds almost effortlessly, forcing Lewis to turn into Gauru form to stop him. The ensuing fight is bloody and brutal but fairly brief once Lewis gains the upper hand. Denton then arrives and is surprised when he recognises the sound of Lewis roaring. Thinking something must be wrong for the usually restrained werewolf to have taken War form, Denton goes for the golf club kept handily in the umbrella stand but misses, grabbing an umbrella instead. Not wanting to stop, he continues, reaching the lab just in time to spear the vampire with the umbrella and stop Lewis from going into death rage. Vellum arrives shortly after and is dismayed to find his lab in ruins and his main experiment turned to dust. However, he cheers up significantly once Lewis tells him the nature of the spirit that possessed it.

After successfully obtaining the briefcase, Summer carefully stashes it in her backpack and starts walking home. Only a few minutes later, the quiet of the deserted street is broken by the sound of screeching tyres as a red car speeds past her. Summer is surprised to see that the driver is none other than Taylor with Zack Chase ducking down in the backseat. Not far behind, another car tears round the corner in pursuit of the first. There are two men in the second car. The driver aims a silenced pistol out the side window and fires at Taylor and Zack. There is a splatter of blood and the bullet goes through the red car’s windscreen but the occupants aren’t badly hurt and they speed on. Worried for her friend, Summer dives into a nearby alley and transforms into Urhan. She quickly tastes the blood on the road (for a tracking aid) and takes off after the cars, praying that any onlookers mistake her for a big dog. Celerity gives her the extra speed she needs and she quickly catches up to the pursuing car. The driver’s arm is still out the window so she latches on, knocking the gun out of the man’s hand and forcing herself through the open window. He cries out in surprise and pain and tries to shake her off him. Summer obliges and leaps onto the man in the back seat who is loading a shotgun. As she bites into him, she immediately becomes aware that he is vampire – which means the driver probably is too. She turns around but it’s too late and the driver plunges a silver knife into Summer’s side. This being her first experience with silver, Summer is shocked by the level of pain it causes. Her inner beast screams within her and she embraces it, turning into Gauru. In a furious whirl of teeth and claws, the vampires are no more. It is at this point that the car crashes into the front of an upmarket clothes shop. Dazed and bleeding, Summer pulls herself out of the mass of broken glass, ruined clothes and car wreckage, already hearing police sirens. Trusting the effects of Lunacy to protect her from any security cameras, Summer takes a moment in Dalu form to steady herself before quickly fleeing the scene.


This is Awesome.
You’ve got quite a few details that I’ve forgot, and your descriptions are great.
It is really nice to have someone else writing threse. I hadn’t checked the website before I wrote up my verison, so I’ve posted that as well anyway.
Thanks for taking the time and effort to write this up, I appreciate it.

An Eventful Trip Home

No problem, although you’ve also got quite a few details that I left out as well. I felt bad because I could remember more about Summer’s adventures than any of the others so I couldn’t write as much for them – I guess I should use your trick of splitting each section up so it looks more even. :)

An Eventful Trip Home

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