An Eventful Walk Home (Redux)

Car chases, watchers and demonic vampires

Vellum follows the dark blue Renault Laguna driven by Phillip Travers away from the train station.
Travers drives in a somewhat evasive fashion, taking a convoluted route as if to throw off pursuers, but Vellum managers to stay on his trail.
After about twenty minutes, Travers drives into a quite part of town and turns into an alleyway.

Summer walks home across town, enjoying the night air. Suddenly the peace of her walk is shattered by the roar of a car rounding a corner and high speed, closely followed by a pursuer.
Summer’s sharp eyes catch sight of the occupants of the leading car – the driver is her friend Taylor, and ducking down in the back seat is Zack Chase.
The reason for the crouched posture of the passenger is made clear moments later, the muffled thump of a silenced pistol rings out from the pursuing car, and grazes Taylor, splattering the road next to Summer with flecks of her friend’s blood.

Lewis walks a few streets away from the station where he got off of the train, and then hails a taxi. He gets back to the Hunter and Lickter offices without any problems.
Once back, he breaths a sigh of relief and quickly hides the scrolls the Vellum’s library (behind the books about vampires).

Denton heads to the Velvet gown nightclub, seeking to slake the strange hunger rising inside him with the company of Lila, the vampire whose blood he has shared.
He stalks though the crowed club, and makes his way across the dance-floor to the bar, when he spots his prey. He throws a pickup line at her and then takes her arm and leads her away to the back rooms.

Vellum follows Travers’ car into the alleyway and parks up a short distance behind it. Vellum gets out and advances cautiously. He casts life-sense as a precaution, and a sure enough he detects a presence lurking in a doorway a few paces away rather then in the car.
Vellum takes a few paces towards the doorway and greets the shadowy figure.

Summer crouches down to get out of the way of the shooting, and dips her hand into the blood splatters; then she dives into an alleyway, as if running from the danger, and licks her fingers to lock on to Taylor’s scent. Once out of sight, Summer instantly shifts into wolf form, reflexively activating celerity and launching herself after the cars as they accelerate away.

Lewis summons Pedragon, and repays him with a small measure of essence for guarding Chad and the offices in the absence of the Pack. The two then discuss the upcoming battles that Lewis is likely to face against the vampires, and Pendragon advises him that the wise and just act is to strike quickly and decisively against evil, lest corruption spread and ‘destroy Camelot’.
With the warning of Pendragon on his mind, Lewis raises spirit sight and scrutinises the offices. He observes quite a lot of negative resonance around the secure holding room in which they keep Chad (and various prisoners before him); the Shadow there is gradually becoming flavoured with fear, as could be expected. Lewis also observes that a miasma of malefic and evil resonance is emanating from the vampire nailed to the table is Vellum’s lab.
Steeling himself, Lewis returns to his room and grabs his pistol from the drawer in which he keeps it, before turning around and heading towards the lab.

Alone together in a quite rooms, Denton and Lila begin skillfully crossing verbal blades; Denton seeking to learn more about Lila, and the vampire seductress attempting to recruit Denton to her side.
In the posturing and persuading that follows, Denton learns that Lila belongs to a faction that is seeking to weaken Lucinda’s power within the Camarila, with a view to overthrowing her. He also ostensibly agrees to help her.
After drinking a measure to of Lila’s vitae, Denton leaves, and heads back to the office.

Travers stares at Vellum for a moment, pointing a pistol at the werewolf librarian through the pocket of his tweed jacket. There is a standoff and long moments pass before both sides relax slightly, seeing then neither is keen to attack the other. Travers asks why Vellum has followed him, Vellum counters by asking what Travers seems to have been following him – bumping into him at work, he car being seen at placed where Vellum had private business etc.
Conceding that there is nothing further to be gained by pretending that they are both just normal academics, Travers explains that he is a member of an organisation known as the Watchers, who investigate (and sometimes combat) supernatural events and threats within the city. Vellum confirms Travers’ suspicion that he is a werewolf. The two of them begin cautiously exchanging information.

Summer chases after the pursuing car, rapidly gaining ground on it thanks to her superior manoeuvrability and celerity-enhanced speed. As the Asian man driving the car takes aim to send another shot at Taylor, Summer jumps and and bites him arm, causing him to drop the gun. Realising from the taste of his blood the the driver is a vampire, she calls upon a burst of power to leap into the car and then begins savaging the driver.

Lewis grimly advanced on the vampire secured in the lab, levels his pistol at it and then gradually removes the stake part way, causing the vampire to re-animate. As the creature curses and struggles against its restraints, Lewis offers him an ultimatum: answer questions cooperatively, and get a quick and painless death. The vampire simply laughs, saying that he worships as dark god who will soon return and destroy all who oppose him; then he and locks gazes with Lewis and his eyes begin to glow a hypnotic red.
Lewis struggles against mind-controlling influence of the vampire, and in the battle of wills he just manages to throw off the effects, allowing him to shoot the monster.
However, the vampire has activated his dark powers and begins to strain against the nails and straps restraining him with enough force to begin breaking them. His thrashing and mental influence throw off Lewis’s aim, and his wounds begin to heal.
Lewis braces himself to drive the stake back into the vampire, but suddenly the wood combusts in his hands. With a roar and a burst of strength, the vampire strikes Lewis and sends him staggering backwards, gun and stake clattering to the ground.
Lewis frees himself from the last of his adversary’s psychic influence and as rage that the evil creature in front of him dare attack his mind raises within him, the werewolf detective calls upon the dangerous and devastating power of his gauru war-form.
The vampire shakes himself loose of the broken remains of the table and taunts Lewis, claiming that he was sired by Victor Chastain, and demonic power within him would defeat this upstart dog.

Travers explains to Vellum that the Watchers observed the Pack’s interactions with the Bloomsbury Cabal (who they are planning to approach and recruit), and that they are concerned about the rise of a faction of vampires who they call ‘the Devil’s Children’, who they believe are somehow connected to the flood of the ‘Vision’ drug in the city. Travers also mentions that he is seeking the scrolls and the statue, and that he has measures in place to protect them that should they find their way to the British Library or the British Museum.
Vellum informs Travers that vision is made from vampire blood, and that the Venatori are trying to stamp out the supply of vision and that they are also investigating disappearances that seem connected to the vampires of the city.
The two of them form a tentative alliance, agreeing to exchange information pertinent to their shared goals.

Having disarmed and injured the driver, Summer switches to dire-wolf form and pounces onto the vampire in the back of the car before he can bring his shotgun to bear on her. She attacks ferociously, but suddenly howls in burning agony as the driver plunges a silver dagger into her side.
Riding the torrent of pain a rage to bursts forth inside her, Summer switches to gauru form and battles the two vampires with the full force of a Blood-Talon’s fury, slashing and them with her claws and devouring chunks of them.

Denton arrives back at the office, and over the music in his earphones he hears the unmistakable battle-howl of a werewolf doing battle in gauru form. He breaks into a sprint and charges up the stairs to the aid of his pack-mate, grabbing when he thinks is a golf club from the umbrella stand as he dashes past.

Lewis shifts and howls as challenge and his adversary replies in kind, his features shifting into a demonic visage.
The werewolf slams into the vampire, swatting him down with a massive claw; but the demonic undead reacts supernaturally quickly, righting himself and counter-attacking with fingers that have elongated into razor-sharp knives. Hideous slashed split the blood of the werewolf, the the exultant vampire presses his attack.
The gauru slashes and claws, trying to use his superior reach injure his foe at a distance, but the agile vampire slips under his guard and stabs his hands under Lewis’s ribcage, reaching towards his heart. However, Lewis had been feigning; getting the vampire close had been his intention. He bear-hugs the vampire, crushing him in his grip and driving his claws deep; before the vampire can react Lewis’s maw engulfs the head of the pinned vampire and in a surge of strength Lewis rips out his claws and tears the vampire’s head from his neck.
Lewis crunches up the skull of his enemy, using the essence liberated from it to begin healing his wounds. The body the vampire staggers backwards and begins crumbling into ask; Denton arrives and finishes the job, stabbing the umberalla that he picked up through the vampire’s heart and then opening its, scattering the dust of the creature. Lewis gains control of himself and drops out of gauru into dalu without entering death-rage.
Moments later Vellum, enters the room and shares at the wreckage. “What have you done to my lab?!”

There is a triumphant but pained howl, and the car containing Summer, its interior slick with the blood of werewolf and vampires, clashes into the front of a fashionable clothes shop. As the defeated vampires crumble to ash, Summer clambers out of the car in dalu form. She burns essence to heal her injuries, but is unable to close the wounds inflicted with the sliver blade (thought she does slow the bleeding). She grabs the knife that inflicted her grievous injuries and snatches a blouse from the dummy by the window to staunch her wounds, before walking off as briskly as she can manage, her coat drawn close to conceal her injures and bloodstained hands.



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