Fracas Outside the Convention Centre

the winding path bite off more than they can chew

Vellum – jumped by cultist with a blade (“Grey!”), backs off whilst utilising space magic

Summer – is surrounded by cultists, they demand that she comes quietly, and then rush her; because there are innocent onlookers (including Taylor) she doesn’t put up an inhuman struggle

Lewis & Denton – Denton is sucker-punched, Lewis weathers a surprise kick from the cultist behind
the door

Vellum – path guy fails spectacularly thanks to Vellum’s powerful spatial counter-spell, Vellum
counterattacks and curb-stomps

Summer – Summer is bundled into the Van as Taylor rushes out of the hotel and puts up what fight he can against her kidnappers (hampered by his injuries)

Lewis & Denton – Denton kinetically enhances his briefcase, the cultist grabs Lewis and demands
to know where the brief case is, but Lewis brings his street fighting skills to bear and pummels his adversary, slamming him backwards nest to a skip

Vellum – is suddenly assaulted by a skilled cultist out of the shadows, whose space-warping
resonance is stronger than that of the others. He makes a lethal strike to Vellum’s neck, burying his rune-covered blade into Vellum’s spine and dropping him to the ground.

Summer – the last cultist lands a lucky punch on Taylor’s gunshot wound, and jumps into the van
slamming the door behind him. As the van pulls away Summer stops struggling and grins in the
darkness as she works a buff spell.

Lewis & Denton – Lewis throws his enemy into the skip, slamming the lid down and closing the latch.
Two more Winding Path cultists appear in the foggy alleyway and charge at Denton out of nowhere,
flanking him and scoring two deep hits with their knives. The sudden pain causes fury to rise up
within Denton, and he shifts into Gauru form, loosing control and clubbing the nearest enemy with the case before throwing it at another.

Vellum – reflexively burning as much essence as his enhanced gnosis will allow, Vellum awakes
and pours essence into an enhanced version of his pick-pocketing spell, stealing the blade from his enemy.

Summer – the Winding Path cultists begin their attempt to interrogate Summer, but it does not go
as expected since she seems to be not in the least afraid. The reason for this becomes clear when
summer switches to dire-wolf form.

Lewis & Denton – as the cultists flee in lunacy-induced panic, Denton howls a battle-cry and charges towards another cultist. Lewis scrambles but a fire-escape ladder and throws a plant-pot down on the raging gauru to get his attention before he chases the remaining cultist into a busy street. The gambit works, and Denton chases Lewis instead.

Vellum – terrified by the fact that their enemy is healing himself in seconds of what should have been a crippling and near-fatal blow (and in the same breath magically stealing a weapon), the cultists flee.
The more powerful sprints away safely, but his colleague (still jinxed from Vellum’s spell) trips on the stairs. Vellum stalks over, picks him up by the scruff of his neck and pins him to a wall. Vellum terrifies the cultist, and the trembling man agrees to Vellum’s threats that he should leave London and head directly to Scotland well out of Vellum’s way (because if they were to meet again, things will not be pleasant…).
Vellum casts a life and matter spell to clean up the blood, and pulls up the collar of his coat to conceal his still-healing wounds as he leaves the underpass.

Summer – in dire-wolf form, Summer bats around and intimidates her kidnappers, leaving them
bruised and cowed. She tires them up and begins questioning them, determining that they had assumed that she and her companions where at the convention to deliver the scrolls to Winterblack, and that they saw this as their last chance to acquire them.

Denton & Lewis – Lewis races away pumping essence into celerity; but Denton is powered by the
speed and rage of his battle-form and is skilled at parkour and chased in urban environments. Lewis makes in up the ladder and across the roof, but Denton closes in on him. At the last moment, the human side of Denton makes a focused effort, and regains full control, shifting into human form.



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