Lies to Cops and Urban Exploration

Inverviews with police and exploration of derelict buildings

Denton researches the works of Simon Ellesworth, discovers career history, and has a hunch about patterns. He calls Vellum to sound out his feelings on a possible occult angle.

Lewis and Summer are interviewed by DI Warding; they stick to their cover story, but Warding doesn’t really buy it (and she asks for more off the record).
They see Merrick politely but firmly stalling the police, and and then mustering lawyers to prevent his premises being searched without a warrant

Vellum chats to Taylor and drops him off in North London

Vellum and Denton head to the nearest Burgess building on the way back to the Alydwych office.
They discover odd energy flows; they also notice strange piles of dust & rubble.
Investigating a central crawlspace, they climb down to the basement and find a small box (charged with interesting energy).
They also encounter a beshilu rat and a security guard.



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