the Investigation Continues

Experiments, interogation, and graffiti

Summer scrutinises her spiritual resonance in a mirror, and is relieved to find that the malevolent spiritual energies hosted in the vampire she ate are being neutralised by her supernatural digestion/immune system.

Vellum takes vitae sample from the vamp in his lab (“Mr Jack”), then scrutinises it and the vampire that it came from with spirit vision (perceiving the malignant and foreign spiritual entity within the vamp).

Lewis suits up and heads to the architecture convention via a shortcut through a partially disused industrial estate.

Summer Gets food for Chad the ghoul, talks with him a while, building up a rapport
She discovers a bit more about his history (it seems that he was something of a drifter and occasional stoner; he met up with the vamps just a few months ago at a nightclub called “Ivan’s Place”.

Vellum discusses with Summer his findings and the possibility of performing some sort of spiritual dialysis on the vamp.

Whilst walking through a disused part of the industrial estate (some old train sheds), Lewis sees some interesting graffiti: occult symbols seem hidden amongst the spray paint. He investigates for a while, taking some photos and a few notes.

Vellum goes to work, discusses the scrolls with Helen (his boss), and speaks to a colleague about the ongoing scroll translation (it appears to be some sort of narrative)

Lewis bluffs his way into the architecture event (info will be used in flash-backs)

Vellum meets Phillip Travers again in the reading room. Vellum leaves and lurks across the street, watching as Travers leaves a short while later. Vellum then receives a mysterious phone call about the statue, and is asked to come (alone) to a meeting that night at a train station.
Vellum asks Denton to investigate CCTV footage of phone-box from which the call was made.

Lewis heads back and stops by the bookshop/cafe, where he realises that one of the symbols that he saw was a representation of the sword in the stone (or perhaps some sort of Christianised Thor’s hammer?)



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