Throwing Down with Cultists

Keep your eyes on the mcGuffin...

Lewis fumbles that catch as a train moves past, obscuring the view.
Figures start to move into the station (Winterblack’s men)
The cultists retreat from the fight and switch to running after Lewis – clearly the priority is the case.
Summer and Denton run over the bridge with celerity, racing against the cultists.
Winterblack walks into the station (and is identified by Petrovitch). He summons up eldritch power (which clouds the minds of those present).
Lewis is yanked onto a train as it pulls off, and drops a case (which Vellum sees).
Summer trips and falls down, injuring her leg.
Vellum hurls the case at Denton, knocking him onto a train.
Cultists jump after Denton, and Summer burns essence to heal her wounds and gives chase.
Winterblack blasts a couple of cultists to ash, and his men expertly drop a few others.
Vellum assesses Winterblack’s power and decides to look innocuous and helpful. He casts healing spells to patch up the Mafia heavies.

Lewis is taken by surprise, but his quick reflexes and instinct for street-brawling allow him to turn the tables in a brief but brutal scrap, and he throws his adversary off of the train as it picks up speed and the doors close. He takes a moment to crouch down and switch the contents of his case with that of a case in the luggage section of the train.

Summer leaps onto the train and joins in the melee with Denton and a couple of cultists, before the low archway of the station causes them all to hit the deck.

Vellum carefully negotiates a tense meeting between Winterback and Petrovitch, leaving himself looking calm and capable, but non-threatening. In the brief exchange it becomes clear that Winterblack (who heads a powerful finance company and is clearly a major player) found out about the meeting and came to try and obtain the scrolls. He seems willing to pay for them, and appears determined and businesslike, but not ruthless. He also clearly dislikes the cultists of the Winding Path.
Vellum eases Petrovitch’s distrust of him by claiming the he agreed to meet in good faith, but that the statue was stolen from him (hinting that he suspects the winding path). Winterblack and Petrovitch appear to be rivals, but not bitter enemies. They both offer to buy the scrolls or statue from Vellum should he come into possession of them (with slight and subtle hints that they would be displeased should he acquire them and keep them secret), and then leave.
Vellum decides to make himself scarce before any more trouble arrives (such as the police), and leaves the station as Winterblack’s men clear up the mess.

Lewis spots a suspicious figure on the train in front of him, and sits behind him. When the train enters a tunnel a minute later, both men move at once. Lewis reacts quickly and comes out on top in the ensuing brawl, and end up throwing the case out of the window (the cultist leaps after it).
Lewis picks up the bag containing the real scrolls, and calmly gets off at the next station.

Summer pulls off an acrobatic martial arts move which ends up with the cultist she faced off against spun around and knocked down, and with her on top of him. Pinning the grappled cultist to the roof of the train, she interrogates him while Denton fights and struggles with the other cultist just a couple of metres away.
In response to Summer’s questioning, it becomes clear that her cultist is a man named Jeff, who isn’t the sharpest tool in the box.
The fight takes a bad turn for Denton as the cultist attacks with fervour and ferocity as he struggles for the case, and Summer responds by rolling Jeff off of the roof of the train and planting a kick in the leg of the cultist, allowing the Denton to garrotte him with his earphones.
With the cultists dispatched, the two werewolves leap to safety (Denton parkouring onto a footbridge and Summer using a signal as a fireman’s pole) and depart for headquarters.

As Vellum leaves the station, he sees Philip Travers driving away in a dark blue Renault Laguna, and decides the follow him, determined to find answers.



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