Denton Vines

Nut-Job Conspiracy Theorist


Nut-Job Conspiracy Theorist
Non-Believing Society
City Slicker
Weird Shit Just Seems to Happen Around Me
You Can’t Stop The Signal
You’re One of ‘Them’!
Don’t Worry, This Worked Brilliantly on TV
Chain Smoker
Knows the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing
The Hunter in the Dark
Money Money = More Trouble
Sucker For a Good Story


Intelligence 4●●●● Strength 2●● Presence 1●
Wits 3●●● Dexterity 3●●● Manipulation 3●●●
Resolve 1● Stamina 2●● Composure 2●●


Academics 2●● Athletics 4●●●● Animal Ken 1●
Computer 4●●●● Brawl 1● Empathy 1●
Crafts 1● Drive 3●●● Expression 1●
Investigation 3●●● Firearms 1● Intimidation
Medicine 0 Larceny 3●●● Persuasion 3●●●
Occult 1● Stealth 3●● Socialise 2●●
Perception 3●●● Survival 1● Streetwise 3●●●
Science 0 Weaponry 0 Subterfuge 2●●

Hacking ●
Lock-picking ●

Resources ●●●●●
Encyclopedic Knowledge ●●●●
Contacts (Network Zero) ●●●
Status (Network Zero) ●●●
Mentor (Sebastian Lowe) ●●●
Stunt Driver ●●●
Fleet of Foot ●●●

Freedom 2●●
Justice 1●
Preparation 1●
Cunning 2●●

Conscience: 7
Harmony: 7

Max Willpower: 5
Max Essence: 7


Hishu Human Dalu Near-Human Gauru War-Form Urshul Dire-Wolf Urhan Wolf
Health:7 Health:9 Health:11 Health:10 Health:7
Strength:2 Strength:3 Strength:5 Strength:4 Strength:2
Dexterity:3 Dexterity:3 Dexterity:4 Dexterity:5 Dexterity:5
Stamina:2 Stamina:3 Stamina:4 Stamina:4 Stamina:3
Size:5 Size:6 Size:7 Size:6 Size:4
Defence:3 Defence:3 Defence:3 Defence:3 Defence:3
Initiative:5 Initiative:5 Initiative:6 Initiative:7 Initiative:7
Speed:10 Speed:11 Speed:14 Speed:17 Speed:14
Armour:0 Armour:0 Armour:1/1 Armour:0 Armour:0
Perception:3 Perception:5 Perception:6 Perception:6 Perception:7

Rituals: 1●


Gnosis: 1●

Forces 1●
Mind 1●


CCTV Eyes Forces● Wits + Computer + Forces = 8
NightSight Forces● Wits + Perception + Forces = 7

Magical Tools:


Orphan, him & his siblings were shunted from foster-home to foster-home, brother & sister killed on a camping expedition accident in suspicious circumstances (murdered by shadowy figures), set out to discover what really happened, becoming a conspiracy theory nut in the process (links in network 0), Nerd Rage, discovered a Chiron secret (involving the FTSE crash and the murder of a businessman) and broadcast it everywhere (from the top of the BT tower via a giant antenna), earning him very powerful & vengeful enemies (and some underground acclaim). Was caught the agents of Chiron, and experienced the first change whilst being measured by for concrete galoshes. Driving skills, loaded, paranoid, streetwise, irraka, Londoner, knows the streets, aversion to the natural world, has tracked down his birth parents and obtained a large inheritance. Knack for paranormal investigation. Contacted (via network0 associates) by Terrahertz (namely Violet Hardings), when they suspect a large corporation (Chiron) of abducting werewolves. They foil a plot involving traitors in the pack and the wolfengamot. Has also worked with Philip Travers to stop as cult in the middle of a dark ritual in Greenwich. Parkour skills.

Denton Vines

Venatori Harribo