Lewis "Spirit" Sanders

Young, Good-Willed Spirit Walker


Lewis ‘Spirit’ Sanders

Secret –
Doesnt know he’s a possible reincarnation of a knight of the round table.
Doesn’t believe in gods or traditional myth but is developing knowledge of the shadow, carries a silver cross to remind himself of scepticism.

Young, Good-Willed Spirit Walker
Fighting the Growing Corruption
Alone in a Crowd
Nobody’s Scapegoat
Rage Against the Vermin
Never Let Your Guard Down
Student of Pendragon
Budding Gumshoe

The old company (boardroom enemies),
DI Warding,
homeless friend (Dwayne Stevens),
new CEO is an ally


Intelligence 3●●● Strength 3●●● Presence 3●●●
Wits 3●●● Dexterity 3●●● Manipulation 2●●
Resolve 3●●● Stamina 3●●● Composure 3●●●


Academics 3●●● Athletics 2●● Animal Ken 1●
Computer 2●● Brawl 2●● Empathy 1●
Crafts 1● Drive 0 Expression 1●
Investigation 4●●●● Firearms 0 Intimidation 1●
Medicine 1● Larceny 2●● Persuasion 3●●●
Occult 1● Stealth 2●● Socialise 1●
Perception 3●●● Survival 2●● Streetwise 0
Science 0 Weaponry 1● Subterfuge 1●

Papertrail ●
Rat Hosts ●
Plant life ●
Spirits ●

Ambidexterity ●●●●
Allies (Company/Bank) ●●
Mentor (Pendragon) ●●●

Honour 2●●
Wisdom 1●

Conscience: 7
Harmony: 7

Max Willpower: 8
Max Essence: 7


Hishu Human Dalu Near-Human Gauru War-Form Urshul Dire-Wolf Urhan Wolf
Health:8 Health:10 Health:12 Health:11 Health:8
Strength:3 Strength:4 Strength:3 Strength:5 Strength:3
Dexterity:3 Dexterity:3 Dexterity:4 Dexterity:5 Dexterity:5
Stamina:3 Stamina:4 Stamina:5 Stamina:5 Stamina:4
Size:5 Size:6 Size:7 Size:6 Size:4
Defence:3 Defence:3 Defence:3 Defence:3 Defence:3
Initiative:6 Initiative:6 Initiative:7 Initiative:8 Initiative:8
Speed:11 Speed:12 Speed:15 Speed:17 Speed:15
Armour:0 Armour:0 Armour:1/1 Armour:0 Armour:0
Perception:3 Perception:5 Perception:6 Perception:6 Perception:7

Rituals: 2●●


Banish Human W:tF p149 ejects humans from the Shadow back the physical world Harmony vs Resolve
Rite of Dedication W:tF p150 magically prepares items for shifting with werewolf Harmony
Banish Spirit W:tF p152 ejects spirit from the physical back to the Shadow Harmoony vs Resistance

Celerity 1●

Gnosis: 2●●

Forces 1●
Life 1●
Mind 1●
Space 1●


Pack Awareness (W:tF p118) Space● + Life● Wits + Empathy + Space/Life = 5
Rallying Cry (W:tF p118) Mind● Manipulation + Expression + Mind = 4
Invisible Markings (CB p83 Life● Presence + Survival + Life = 6
Weatherskin (CB p92) Life● Stamina + Survival + Life = 6
Blend in (CB p80) Life● Wits + Stealth + Life = 6
Conceal Objects (obfuscate1) Forces● + Space● Wits + Larceny + Forces = 6
Enhance Senses (auspex1) Life● Wits + Perception + Life = 7

Magical Tools:


average upbringing, strong presence/personality, anger issues growing up, short fuse, parents often had strangers round (werewolves?); apprenticed to a large business in the city, prospered and climbed the ranks rapidly (partly due to intense strength of personality), discovered that his boss was embezzling money from the company, and was framed for it. Burst into the company boardroom and had a ‘violent breakdown’ assaulting the guilty board members (first taste of the wolf breaking through), arrested and turned witness (managed to make some evidence and charges stick to the board), on the way back from the police station was jumped in the tube by Beshilu (rat-hosts), and fully changed- finally unlocking his werewolf heritage.
Currently suspended on partial pay (until he gets his head together); is discovering spiritualism and shamanism, and growing less materialistic (helps homeless people etc). Was drinking in Zed/Ivan’s nightclub (or in Insomniacs?) and had to deal with a vampire.

Lewis "Spirit" Sanders

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