Summer Tabbee

Native American Werewolf in London


Native American Werewolf in London
Keeping the Balance
It’s My Destiny
Humour Me
Not What It’s Cracked Up To Be
No Chains Can Hold Me!
At Home in the Wilds
My Friend Taylor Said…
By Tooth and Claw
Brothers in Arms

Taylor Black


Intelligence 2●● Strength 4●●●● Presence 2●●
Wits 4●●●● Dexterity 3●●● Manipulation 2●●
Resolve 2●● Stamina 3●●● Composure 3●●●


Academics 2●● Athletics 3●●● Animal Ken 3●●●
Computer 1● Brawl 4●●●● Empathy 1●
Crafts 1● Drive 1● Expression 0
Investigation 2●● Firearms 1● Intimidation 1●
Medicine 2●● Larceny 0 Persuasion 1●
Occult 1● Stealth 3●●● Socialise 2●●
Perception 4●●●● Survival 3●●● Streetwise 2●●
Science 1● Weaponry 0 Subterfuge 0

Fighting Style: Martial Arts (Armoury p2011)
Fighting Style: Tooth & Claw (tRagefpg p103)
Wilderness Survivor
Hot Pursuit
Good Cop
On the Scent

Danger Sense ●●
Brawling Dodge ●
Resources ●●
Languages (Native American – Ute) ●●●
Language (Spanish) ●
Allies – Blood Talons ●●●
Contacts – High Calibre ●●
Contacts – Black Market ●
Contacts – Chiron Minion ●

Harmony 2●●
Wisdom 2●●
Conviction 1●

Conscience: 7
Harmony: 7

Max Willpower: 7
Max Essence: 8


Hishu Human Dalu Near-Human Gauru War-Form Urshul Dire-Wolf Urhan Wolf
Health:8 Health:10 Health:12 Health:11 Health:8
Strength:3 Strength:4 Strength:6 Strength:5 Strength:3
Dexterity:3 Dexterity:3 Dexterity:4 Dexterity:5 Dexterity:5
Stamina:3 Stamina:4 Stamina:5 Stamina:5 Stamina:4
Size:5 Size:6 Size:7 Size:6 Size:4
Defence:3 Defence:3 Defence:4 Defence:4 Defence:4
Initiative:7 Initiative:7 Initiative:8 Initiative:9 Initiative:9
Speed:11 Speed:12 Speed:15 Speed:18 Speed:16
Armour:0 Armour:0 Armour:1/1 Armour:0 Armour:0
Perception:4 Perception:6 Perception:7 Perception:7 Perception:8

Gnosis: 2●●

Fate 2●●
Life 2●●
Spirit 2●●


Direction/Guidance Fate●● Manipulation + Perception + Fate = 8
Fate’s Shield Fate●● Composure + Athletics + Fate = 8
Wolf Blood’s Lure Life● Presence + Animal Ken + Life = 7
Call Spirit Spirit●● Presence + Persuasion + Spirit = 5, -Rank, vs Resistance

Magical Tools: Tomahawk from ‘Those Whose Spears Point Outward’


Member of the Southern Ute from Colorado USA, tribal wolf myth & grandmother’s stories, first change is intense when it happens, accepting of uratha identity but reality does not match her preconceptions, is lured through a Trod in the Never-Where into a bad part of London by a taunting spirit, and is captured by a Chiron hunter, escaped with some help from Denton Vines (and possibly Violet Hardings?) very active, likes the outdoors, wants to discover and fulfil her purpose, park warden in the rockies, Blood talon with warrior ethic & wilderness experience. Cheerful, confident, determined, intrigued by the spirit world.

Summer Tabbee

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