Vellum Grey

Mystical Werewolf Librarian


Vellum Grey

Mystical Werewolf Librarian
I Must Know The Answer, No Matter What!
The Dreadful Grey Family Legacy
They Will Know What I Allow them To Know
The Power I Now Possess is Incredible – Muwhahahah!
I Distrust these Newfangled Contrivances
For Science!
Dark and Ominous van


Intelligence 4●●●● Strength 2●● Presence 1●
Wits 3●●● Dexterity 3●●● Manipulation 1●
Resolve 3●●● Stamina 2●● Composure 3●●●●


Academics 4●●●● Athletics 2●● Animal Ken 0
Computer 1● Brawl 2●● Empathy 1●
Crafts 2●● Drive 1● Expression 0
Investigation 1● Firearms 0 Intimidation 0
Medicine 1● Larceny 2●● Persuasion 1●
Occult 4●●●● Stealth 2●● Socialise 0
Perception 2●● Survival 2●● Streetwise 1●
Science 2● Weaponry 3●●● Subterfuge 0

Fighting Style: Staff (Armoury p210~)

Eidetic Memory ●●
Library (Ritual Occultism, Cryptozoology, History of Cults) ●●●
Resources ●●●
Contacts ●●
Alchemy ●●●●
Alchemy ●●

Curiosity 3●●●
Determination 1●
Stoicism 1●
Cunning 1●
Wisdom 2●●

Conscience: 7
Harmony: 7

Max Willpower: 10
Max Essence: 12


Hishu Human Dalu Near-Human Gauru War-Form Urshul Dire-Wolf Urhan Wolf
Health:7 Health:9 Health:11 Health:10 Health:7
Strength:2 Strength:3 Strength:5 Strength:4 Strength:2
Dexterity:3 Dexterity:3 Dexterity:4 Dexterity:5 Dexterity:5
Stamina:2 Stamina:3 Stamina:4 Stamina:4 Stamina:3
Size:5 Size:6 Size:7 Size:6 Size:4
Defence:3 Defence:3 Defence:3 Defence:3 Defence:3
Initiative:7 Initiative:7 Initiative:8 Initiative:9 Initiative:9
Speed:10 Speed:11 Speed:14 Speed:17 Speed:15
Armour:0 Armour:0 Armour:1/1 Armour:0 Armour:0
Perception:2 Perception:4 Perception:5 Perception:5 Perception:6

Rituals: 1●

Rite of Dedication ●
Shared Scent ●

Gnosis: 2●●

Death 1●
Forces 1●
Life 2●●
Matter 1●
Space 2●●


City Eyes Space● Wits + Perception + Space = 7
Waterbreath Life●● Stamina + Athletics + Life = 6
Natural Armour Life● Stamina + Science + Life = 6
Conceal Object Forces● Wits + Larceny + Forces =6

Magical Tools:


Raised almost alone in a strange old mansion on the moors with a massive and mysterious (gas-lit and whisper haunted) library, mysterious family legacy, Home burned down at age 14 (had to torch the library himself); childhood issues. Turned up in London pleading amnesia, paranoid about people discovering him identity, works for the British Library. Armoured van with his books in. Secret- his father was a winding path cultist, who left violently. Vellum has crossed paths with the society more recently in his story, (he investigated and infiltrated the winding parth, but was caught sneaking into the cult’s secret library. He was due to be sacrificed during a ritual, but escaped and changed. something came through during the ritual), master of occult lore, alchemist.
Winding path, lost relations? Contacts in London (library)

Vellum Grey

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