The Met
The Metropolitan Police, London’s mortal law enforcement agency.

The Bloomsbury Cabal

The Mafia
London’s powerful and established criminal fraternity, operating out of the East End.

The Tong (AKA The Dragon Syndicate)
A new criminal faction with strong links to the Orient.

The Wardens
A group of supernaturaly-aware mortals (mostly academics, curators, antiquarians and librarians) dedicated to acquiring & preserving supernatural knowledge, and to defending innocents from supernatural predation.

The Knights of Temple Church
A modern incarnation of the Knights Templar (with swords, guns and motorbikes), who fight the good fight against “the forces of darkness”.

Chiron Group
A huge and somewhat sinister multi-national corporation.

The Camarilla (AKA the Black Court)
Vampires with a penchant for machiavellian politics.

The Belialans (AKA the Leeches, the Red Court)
Evil part-demon vampires.

The rat hosts

Society of the Winding Path
A cult that seeks beyond the outer gates of reality for the secrets (of an entity?) that can subvert Euclidean geometry.

Network 0

Under-Londoners (think Neverwhere), links to Fey, dispossessed and forgotten by fellow man

Screaming Angels: Rock band (female lead)
Mixed tribe pack, all in their 20s, cool, rock gods, have some rites that bind spirits using music, wild and passionate, fairly inexperienced, but they know their way around a fight. Totem is a spirit of (rock) music

The Big Issue: Homeless streetwise scavengers
Distain for trappings of society, steal what they need, fox totem, ear to the ground, extremely streetwise; mostly Hunters in Darkness

Guardians of the Lychgate: ghost specialists
Mostly Bone Shadows, include a vicar and an archaeologist, and funeral workers, find occasional work as exorcists, a bit creepy, totem is a crow

Terahertz: Computer/tech geniuses
Iron Masters, possessed of a wide range of machinery gifts, talented hackers, sometimes act as information-brokers, totem is a spirit of information

High Calibre: Marines/military types
All ex military or emergency services (mainly marines and police), most combat-ready pack in the city, have access to all kinds of impressive hardware, honourable; dog totem, mostly blood talons

The Fiscal Claw (formerly the Lunar Committee?): Businesspeople and conniving politicians
Totem is a spirit of finance (money, greed and power), manifesting as a dragon; very influential pack, mostly Iron Masters

The Baker Street Irregulars: Trackers/spies
Crime-fighters, and investigators with a bloodhound totem, mostly Hunters in Darkness (with some Iron Masters)

Lore Keepers: Lore experts, ritualists, seers, experts on London
Totem is a raven from the Tower of London, pack based in the City of London, very influential, but ageing; mixed pack, ascending flame members

the Venatori


Bale Hounds



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