London Overview

Themes & Threats

Aspect: Something’s stirring under London [Main Threat]
Summary: Since the explosion in the Underground (and some say even before then) the myriad tunnels and sewers under London have been witness to terrible whispered secrets, and conceal strange creatures in their dark and labyrinthine depths. The beshilu swarm in greater numbers then ever before down there, and eerie sounds echo along tunnels that no longer lead the anywhere shown on a mortal map. They say that cultists are trying to open a gateway to hell, or that forgotten creatures stir and balefully sniff the air of the mortal world; are any of the rumours true?
Faces: Entity under London, [The Preacher & Victor Chastain]

Aspect: Dark streets and cold hearts [Theme]
Summary: London is a vast unban sprawl, and its pervasive moods are impatience, indifference, and paranoia. There are still places of almost Dickensian darkness, and few people listen to you if you don’t have money or power. The weak, forgotten and disenfranchised fall between the gaps, and the masses seem to neither notice nor care. The skyscrapers cast long shadows, leaving the narrow winding alleyways deep in darkness. But the concealing shadows of London’s street are nothing compared to the darkness that lurks in men’s hearts…
Faces: Jack, Dwayne Stevens, Vladimir Petrovitch, [Rupert Winterblack?]

Aspect: There’ll be blood on the streets [Threat]
Summary: the tensions between the various factions in London, both mundane and supernatural, are reaching break-point, and soon it is all going to go to hell. This aspect references the Mafia/Tong conflict and the Camarilla/Belialans conflict in particular, but also refers to the Wren Masons (or more precisely the dark council faction of that group, which aims to re-route the ley-line flows with blood magic).
Faces: Tong Dragonhead, Vladimir Petrovitch, Victor Chastain, Lucinda ‘Lucy’ Rutherford

Aspect: Echoes of Empire [Theme]
Summary: London is a place of incredible and vast history, and a hub of influence, money and power. Many of the supernatural factions have memories far longer than average mortals, and they remember when London was the most powerful city on Earth. Some of these elements of glory and arrogance have seeped into just about every faction in London, and many of them have their own Big Plans about how to bring it back (with themselves at the top of the pile).
Faces: Lord Augustus Rookwood

Aspect: Sinking under the weight [Meta-Theme]
Summary: London is full to bursting with people, ghosts, mysteries, history, and supernatural factions. The gauntlet is thin, the shadow is so convoluted that the Never-Where has formed, and those fighting to hold back the tide are facing a near-impossible battle. Things are reaching critical mass, and it looks like sooner of later something is going to break or collapse.
Faces: Alexander Steel? Philip Travers, various members of the Wolfengamot

Supernatural Status Quo:
The city is drowning under the weight of history, crammed to breaking point with ghosts, mysteries and supernatural events. The shadow is crowded to the point of over-flowing into the Neverwhere (creating a strange, Other-city), and the Beshilu in the underground have gnawed the gauntlet away to the point that verge are forming, along with tunnels to… somewhere else. Vampires continue their eternal plots in the darkness, the Wren Masons own half of the city and work to reshape it to their desires, and a thousand minor cults gather in the darkness.
The Wardens (one of the most effective hunter groups in history) hold back the tide, armed with bravery and libraries of knowledge; and over the last decade the Wolfengamot has formed, allowing the Uratha to make major progress at policing the shadow.
Until very recently, the Wardens and Wolfengamot were just barely holding back the flood, but both organisations are showing the strain.

Mundane Status Quo:
The Met work diligently against the ever-present crime and corruption, (aided occasionally be the mysterious help of a spectre claiming to be “Sherlock Holmes”), the rich and greedy bankers and financiers hold a great deal of influence, and work to re-shape the city in various ways (altering the flow of money, as well as essence). The Mafia and the Tongs compete in secret battles to gain supremacy over the underworld.

London Overview

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