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A Chronicle set in the shadowy streets and moonlit countryside of the UK.

This is a World of Darkness campaign, mainly based on Werewolf, but drawing in considerable inspiration from Hunter and Mage as well. Other RPG inspirations include Scion, the Esoterrorists, the Dresden Files, and Conspiracy X.

The game System will be nWoD with a few tweaks: see System for more information.

Who you play:
The players take on the role of werewolf investigators who are ‘newly recruited’ agents of the Venatori, a mysterious organisation of werewolves that is dedicated to defending reality and society from supernatural threats.
The PCs will find themselves embroiled in a world with more than its fair share of mysteries in need of investigation, and sinister problems that need to be resolved. Matters are frequently different, and more complex, to how they appear on the surface.
The chronicle will be based primarily in and around London.

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