A Chronicle set in the shadowy streets and moonlit countryside of the UK

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The PCs are a special breed of werewolves, equipped with mystical powers.
Their pack is one cell within an organisation known as the Venatori, which is dedicated to investigating the eldritch, eerie, esoteric, and enigmatic; and to hunting monsters.

The story is set in London, although in a London that is rather darker and more sinister than our own. Also, a few months before the start of the chronicle, a rumble like an earthquake or an explosion shook London. Following this event (which the government are attributing to terrorist activity in the form of a ‘dirty bomb’), large sections of the Underground network have been restricted or closed off entirely by the Metropolitan Police and the army.
Conspiracy theories abound about the ‘real reason’ that the deeper tunnels have been closed off and are patrolled by armed officers.

The characters are relatively inexperienced werewolves, and have only recently formed a pack. They were introduced to each other by their Venatori mentors a few weeks before, and were given the lease to a slightly run down office building over the disused Aldwych tube station in the Strand, London (see wikipedia article or Subterranea Britanica article for more info).

Dramatis personæ:
Denton Vines- a hacker and conspiracy theory nut, and paranoid and eccentric genius
Lewis (AKA Vulcan)- an ex-executive, well-intentioned but with anger management issues
Summer Tabbee- new in London, raised as a member of the Southern Ute tribe in Colorado, formidable but a little naive
Vellum Grey- librarian by day and occultist werewolf by night, Grey’s search for knowledge is going to get him in trouble some day


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