A New Case

a job from a femme fatale

The Pack attend their first Wolfengamot Moot, where their deeds dealing with the Beshilu problem in the city are hailed, and they are rewarded with the accolades of Renown. They officially take the pack name “the Old Town Shreds”.

As the pack relax back in their Aldwych head quarters, a beautiful, pale and regal woman arrives at their office, every inch the femme fatale.
She identifies herself as Lucinda Rutherford, the owner of the Velvet Gown nightclub in Soho, and explains to Lewis that she would like him and his associates at Hunter and Lichter investigations to look into the issue of some disappearances from the streets around her nightclub over recent nights, which are reflecting badly on her business.
Lewis cautiously agrees to take the case, and Ms Rutherford promises that she will send over one of her employees with the details later. Rutherford then leaves, followed Stealthily by Summer in Urhan form. As their new client gets into a car waiting outside, Summer notices that the mysterious woman casts no reflection in the window.

As Vellumdiscusses with his colleagues at the British Library the possibilities of translating the text that the Bloomsbury Cabal used during their gauntlet-reinforcing ritual, he learns from Helen McCannick that a statue carved in a totem-style is coming over from the States, for a joint exhibition with the British Museum.

That evening, Denton stumbles across some chatter relating to an artifact from the US on an online forum frequented by members of Network 0. It seems that someone is looking for buyers for the item, and various factions connected to supernatural underworld of London seem interested.
Denton spots the name Johhnson404 on the forums, a handle that he has come across in the past which is connected to Chiron. He contacts Johnson404 and arranges a meeting at a Bakery Cafe in the city, claiming to have information pertaining to the item.

Having arranged the rendezvous, Denton then set out to purchase the Bakery, figuring that for a man with his resources it would be the most elegant and effective way of gaining control over the venue for the meeting.

The next day Lewis is visited by “Terrence McFabulous”, a rather camp man who is the entertainment manager at the Velvet Gown. He elaborates on the details of the disappearances, providing Lewis with names and last sightings and such like.

Summer receives a telephone call from Rachel Snow, alpha of the Echoes of Thunder Pack from back home in Colorado. Rachel Informs Summer that a centuries-old document of native American origin discussing spirits and the flow of energy through the land has been stolen from a museum within their territory. The pack’s investigations suggest that the stolen item is bound for the UK, and Snow asks Summer to keep her ear to the ground for any mention of the document.



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