Scrapheap Challenge

The Pack fight vampires and ghouls in a junk-yard showdown

Denton runs stealthily towards the crane, keeping low.

Summer & Lewis raise buff spells and sense a strange, baleful energy coiling around the hearts of the Vampires.

Vellum jinxes the engine of the Vamp’s car with his left-handed spanner rote and casts a spell to sense the presence of cordite, discerning that the people in the car are armed.

Summer leaps out, shifts to gauru form in mid-air and lands on the bonnet of the Vamp’s car (to their shock).

Lewis dives out, slams the van door (which bounces open) and runs at a tangent to flank opposite Vellum.

Vellum jumps out of the driver-side door and jinxes the pistol of Vamp1 (the driver).

Vamps start shooting at Summer (Vamp2 putting a bullet through her hand, Vamp1’s gun jams).

The Ghoul opens the driver-side back door, ducking down and firing a couple of shots that narrowly miss Summer.

Denton reaches crane, jumps into the cab and casts a silence spell.

Summer pulls Vamp2 through the windscreen and begins biting his neck.

Vellum swings his halberd at Vamp1, smashing the blade into his skull and incapacitating him.

The Ghoul in back uses celerity to run round behind their car, keeping low and racing towards cover.

Lewis hares after ghoul (powering up his own celerity) and tackles him, slamming him into the side of a scrap car.

Denton switches on the engine of the crane and starts to swing it around towards the fight.

Summer continues to overpower Vamp2 with ferocious strength and begins devouring him as he struggles, drinking in the dark and potent essence in his blood.

Vellum runs towards the Ghoul and Lewis, using celerity to keep up with their unnatural speed.

Lewis and the Ghoul brawl in a dirty fight; elbows and knees are rammed into faces and guts, the two struggle and grapple, preventing each-other from using their pistols.

The Ghoul sees Vellum approaching with a halberd and breaks free to shoot at him, a bullet clipping Vellum’s shoulder.

Lewis sees his opening and slams into the Ghoul again, emptying a few pistol rounds into him.

Vamp1 (who was knocked out by Vellum) heals rapidly and awakens.

Vamp2’s struggles cease: the strange malefic energy inside him flares as he goes limp and starts to liquefy.

Vellum slams the Ghoul in the solar plexus with blunt end of halberd, stunning him.

Denton manoeuvres the silenced crane and drops the claw straight down onto the vamps’ car.

Summer somersaults backwards at the last second as the crane claw slams down onto the car.

Vamp2 starts to reform a few yards away; Vamp1 begins frantically climbing out, but is hampered by his injuries and the damaged caused to the chassis of the car by the force of Denton’s blow with the crane.

Summer staggers and strives for a moment with the dark essence swirling inside her from the Vampire’s blood, but manages to absorb it.

Vellum sees the crane and the healing vampires and turns to run back before they escape.

Denton lifts up the care and swings it towards Vamp2 and the Ghoul.

Vamp2 (still gelatinous) is slammed into the spinning and swinging car via a smashed window as he re-coalesces, and ends up sprawled over the back seat.

Lewis takes down the Ghoul with a finishing blow and dives for cover, vaulting over the top of the scrap car.

Vellum leaps up wire-fu style with a burst of vigour-enhanced strength and pins the escaping Vamp1 to the chassis of the car by impaling him through the heart with his halberd.

Denton opens the claw and drops the car, letting it slam onto the ground from several metres up, injuring the newly re-formed Vamp2.

Summer pounces and tears open the car with colossal strength fuelled by her newly-consumed essence. Vamp2 struggles but is hauled out and flung to the ground where the gauru Summer leaps down and devours him, watched by the paralysed eyes of Vamp1.

Turning back towards their Van, Lewis and Vellum discover that their prisoner (the Tong enforcer titled Red Stave, AKA the Dragon Lady) is gone. Turning around, they see that the sound of the fight has drawn out a pack of ghouls (the cannibal kind that attacked Denton, not the vamp kind), which charge the pack.

The carnage that ensures it brief and one-sided, as the battle-ready (not to mention rage-fuelled and suddenly essence-rich) pack brutally break the charge of the ghouls and rout them.
Denton jumps out of the crane and extends his hand towards it, head bowed in concentration, as he summons lightning from the storm clouds above to strike the crane and lance out over the scrapyard, scattering many ghouls with booming thunderclaps.

Vellum strides forward and whirls his halberd, creating a spinning wall of death.

Lewis is surrounded by a cluster of ghouls, but pulls off several precise shots with his pistol that drop or critically wound several of the creatures, driving them back.

Summer simply charges into a group of the creatures, letting off steam in the time-honoured gauru way, tearing her prey asunder and sending ghouls flying like rag dolls.

Denton leaps out of the van with a shotgun, rolls and comes up firing, scattering the remaining ghouls.



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