The Bakery Job

Agents and Muffins

The pack get together at their Aldwych headquarters and discuss their recent activities. Denton, Summer and Vellum lay their plans to observe and possibly capture the Chiron operative at the meeting at the bakery, aiming to get to learn more about the artifacts being brought over from the USA.
Lewis decides to focus on the case of the disappearances in Soho, and begins correlating the information that he has been given with news reports of disappearances and crime in the area. After much work he discovers that all of the victims were in Soho for the night life, and were last seen late in the evening or early in the morning. Additionally, the information that he collects leads him to suspect that they are all drug users.

Denton goes to the bakery that is his latest acquisition, accompanied by Vellum and Summer.
To his surprise, he discovers that Adrian Larch (the big fellow from the Baker Street Irregulars) works at the bakery (and that he makes exceedingly good cakes). Denton gives all of the employees the day off, and the pack make their preparations for the meeting with the mysterious Johnson404.

When the time of the meeting arrives, there are three customers left in the cafe: a man in his late twenties dressed in fashionable business attire drinking a coffee and trying to catch the eye of Summer, a strawberry-blond woman in her early thirties working on an ipad, and a suited gentleman in his 60s reading a newspaper.

Summer wonders over to sit next to younger man and begins making conversation. The man flirting with her identifies himself as Joe Gunnel and describes himself as an up-and-coming guy at Winterblack Finance. He comes from Cambridge but Summer’s questioning reveals that he was educated at Hull.

Denton sets up his laptop to hack into the woman’s ipad, and once he is satisfied that his programs are running correctly he takes a coffee over to her, complements of the house, and sets about distracting her.

Vellum plants a coin specially prepared as a scrying focus in the elderly businessman using a space spell that he has devised for reaching into other people’s pockets from a discrete distance, and then prepares to do the same to the other two suspects whilst they are distracted.

Denton strikes up conversation with the woman, who gives her name as Rose Price, and soon the two of them are engaged in a strange conversational dance. They each seek to use their charms to discover as much as possible about the other, whilst trying to minimise what the other person learns about them. It soon becomes clear to Denton that he is pitted against a witty and guileful opponent but over the course of the conversation he manages to discover that she works in PR for a division of Chiron.

After half an hour of skillful effort, Summer is left with the telephone number of the brash young banker, Vellum has a handful of arcane sympathetic links to his targets, and Denton has a date with a charming woman who is potentially also a dangerous Chiron operative.

Back at their headquarters, they assist Vellum to scry on their suspects.
Joe Gunnel is seen playing solitaire, the older gentleman is revealed to be researching property information whilst sitting behind a desk with the nameplate “J Hartley” covered in paperwork bearing the letterhead of a firm called “Polygot & Norne".
Rose Price is seen logged on a forum, leaving messages as Jonhson404.



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